What is CBU, in order to ask for your personal loan?

Are you needing some weight for an unforeseen event that came up and reading on my page you saw the word CBU and you have no idea what it is? Do not trouble yourself!

Here I will explain what it is and how to get it, in order to ask for your personal loan.

Here I will explain what it is and how to get it, in order to ask for your personal loan .

The CBU is a very important data of your bank account, which will help you to make any type of transfer or request a personal loan from me, in a few simple steps!

It is composed of 22 digits that represent your bank account, all CBUs have that number of digits, if it has less it is because it is not the CBU.

Are you crazy asking your friends, acquaintances, relatives where you can get it? Don’t do drama! Here, your friend Lender, gives you the data on how you can get it from an ATM:

-Depending on the bank you have, you can go to any bank that has Link.
-When you enter your account, you have to choose the option “Queries” and then “CBU Consultation”.
-The cashier will give you a ticket with the CBU number of your account.

Then fly home and ask for a loan!


That is the number you have to enter so that you can do the accreditation to your bank account and the subsequent automatic debit for the return, which can be up to 3 installments.

It’s super easy!


Give it, cheer up! Ask for the amount you need, from your cell (downloading the app) or from your computer.
In approximately 15 minutes you can know if you qualify to receive the advance and I credit you on the day. You can’t miss it!

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